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Since 1879 the Frederick Beesley name has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and only the very best guns.

So when only the best advice, service and choice are good enough come and talk to the experts at Frederick Beesley.

The Frederick Beesley brand was established almost one hundred and forty years ago. As a gun maker Frederick Beesley was very respected and many of the world's most highly acclaimed guns use the Beesley action to this day.

As part of the London Gun Company group we join our sister company London Gun Services and together we can offer London shooters a service which is second to none.

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London Gun Company

Frederick Beesley is part of the London Gun Company Limited group of businesses. As a group, which also includes London Gun Services, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional levels of service at a competitive price.

Our companies are run by people who are as passionate about shooting as you are and who understand what is needed to get the best out of our sport.  Click here to find out more information about the London Gun Company team.


When attention to detail, professional advice and the choice of the best guns for any budget are important come and talk to the experts.

Own a Beesley?

If you own a Beesley gun? Why not find out a little more about it? We are happy to supply a certificate of authenticity and providence. It outlines details such as the original date of manufacture (down to the day it was completed), original specifications, the original purchaser, and whether any further work was done to the gun over time (if done with us).

We will be delighted to do this for any Beesley owner FREE of charge.

Simply supply the details of your gun(s) through our contact form or call us on +44 (020) 207 351 0005.



Opening hours

Please refer to the London Gun Services website for current opening hours

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